- Injection machines
- Plastic raw material mixers [mixers]
- Industrial coolers [chiller]
- Automation equipment [dosers etc.]
- Lamination machines
- Cutters slicers
- Crushers [recycling]
- Manufacturer machines [glass, plastic etc.]
- Bending machines
- Mold washing machines


- Extruder molds
- Injection molds
- Molding patterns


- Polymers
PVC, PP, PE, Polyurethane, CPE, Compounds, Granules, etc.
All kinds of rubber and rubber components

- Additives
Stabilizers, paints, Titanium dioxide, Calcium carbonate, lubricants, adhesives etc.

Finished Products

• Aluminum manufacturing
• Aluminum façade systems
• Aluminum railings
• Aluminum composite panel
• All kinds of [PVC, Aluminum] shutter systems
• Final glass
• PVC profiles
• All kinds of injection products
• Pipes for agricultural purpose
• Pipes for shuttle
• Rock wool
• XPS and EPS insulation panels
• Insulation tapes and membranes
• PP bags
• PVC indoor and outdoor films
• Mechanical metal products


With 25 years of experience, Eximland adds a new vision to international trade. With close to 30 sector representations, Eximland operates both in Turkey and abroad. For problems experienced by small and medium-sized industrialists in opening the international markets we provide solutions at a professional level allowing easy access to international markets.İn this regard we provide services at any time with staff with knowledge about any region of the World.

• We advertise your product by delivering it to the final customer in the right market.
• We make contracts in favor of financial conditions considering all the legal terms related to this.
• We conduct market researches on demand and present them in the form of a report.
• We provide consultancy services for companies to complete the shortcomings of customs legislation.
• We create an environment of mutual trust for companies to export for a long time and further develop their perspective in this regard.
• With our proffessional consultancy services we ensure that your road, sea and air exports are delivered on time.
• With our experience we affirm that you can trade with the whole world.

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